Tῖῖri Mũtune – Red Land

Fabric, Beads, Stainless steel wire
85” x 59”

“My work is very much influenced by the landscapes I’ve inhabited. Interestingly, the Texas Hill Country, with its steep tree-laden slopes, is similar to the landscape around where I first grew up. Then I moved to the Rift Valley, with its craters and lakes, which has some of the most awe-inspiring sights on earth. As we moved up the Rift Valley to Kitale near the Ugandan border the various terrains through which I travelled also made huge impressions. Here, in the US, I lived six years in San Francisco, situated in one of the most beautiful landscapes you could wish for, and then, the Texan countryside continually triggers memories of earlier places that surface in the works I create”.
Extract from interview with Gerard Houghton, for the October Gallery catalogue, for
Naomi Wanjiku Gakunga.